Ven. Master Per Yen 28-4-2010 伯圆长老圆寂周年(2010年4月28日)

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Tan Kong Sing

First Anniversary of Departure of Elder Ven. Master Per Yen 28-4-2010
Last year (2009), April the Elder Ven. Master Per Yen departed from the Saha World, the Dharma realm lost a highly cultivated master. This year, April, is the first year of the great master departure, Lake side Temple, PJ (Fu Bing Chien Ser) will hold a dharma assembly in memory of the late Ven. Master the Elder Per Yen.

All devotees are welcome, in appreciation of Ven. Master teachings to demonstrate gratitude, remembrance of the Ven. Master’s efforts to purify the human mind, society and contributions to Buddhism.

The Ven. Master made use of the practice of meditation in daily life especially in calligraphy, some collections of his works are appended, to share with everyone.


去年(2009年)四月伯圆长老师父舍报圆寂,社会顿失一位心灵导师,今年四月是伯圆长老圆寂周年,湖滨精舍进行法会,籍此感恩师父的教诲 。