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Transmission of the Ten Good Deeds

Story by K.N. Tan / Photos by H.S. Seow

Tadika Than Hsiang organized the 3rd annual Transmission of the Ten Good Deeds on the 15th March 2013, to parents, teachers, Ai Xin Ba Ma and Than Hsiang kindergarten children.

The ceremony for parents and teachers was held at 9:00am in the Multi Purpose hall on the ground floor.


Than Hsiang Kindergarten Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremony 2012

Story by Tan Kim Nai / Photos by H.S. Seow

Than Hsiang Kindergarten 21st graduation and prize giving ceremony was held at 2 PM on 3 November 2012. It was also the seventh year for TASKA Than Hsiang Sungai Ara and the third for Tadika Than Hsiang Farlim. Parents with their children began arriving before noon, anticipating a memorable afternoon in witnessing the graduation ceremony as well as sharing the joys of their loved ones who were going to receive awards.


Renunciation of Sramanera Zhen Zhi

Story by Miyun / Photos by H.S. Seow

On Friday, 31 August 2012, a ceremony of renunciation was held at 10 the Main Shrine. Except for chanting,the whole ceremony was conducted in English.Venerable Zhen Ru acted as the leading master.

Sramanera Zhen Zhi’s Spiritual Preceptor was Venerable Wei Wu, abbot of Than Hsiang Temple.

He was given the tonsure in the evening the day before renunciation.


2012 Ullambana Dharma Assembly

Story by Miyun / Photos by H.S. Seow

On Friday, Aug 31, a group cultivation for Ullambana was held at the Main Shrine at 10.30 a.m. More than 100 people attended the assembly. Before the chanting began, Venerable Zhen Ru delivered a discourse on the significance of Ullambana Festival and the right attitudes and contemplations before, during and concluding the session which would be conducive to a fruitful cultivation.


Filial Piety Dharma Assembly

Story by Miyun / Photos by H.S. Seow and Miyun

In conjunction with the Ullambana Festival (Seventh Lunar Month) Than Hsiang Temple organized a ten-day Filial Piety Dharma Assembly from 17 to 26 August 2012. There were lamp-lighting prayers (blessing for living parents and relatives) and penitent services (remembrance of departed parents and relatives, ancestors, karmic creditors and all sentient beings) during the period.


Birthday Celebration at Than Hsiang Kindergarten

Chinese report by Tan Chai Kheng / Photos by Tan Chai Kheng & Khor Chai Foo / English Translation by Miyun

On Tuesday, 14 August, a joint birthday celebration was held at Great Compassion Hall for 38 children from Than Hsiang Kindergarten. The aim was to educate the children that birthday is a remembrance day of mother’s suffering and father’s worry in the hope that they would have filial affections towards their parents.


Friday Buddhist School of Than Hsiang Jing Yuan(Sungai Petani) Organized a Half Day Tour to Alor Setar

Chinese report by Xiu Feng/ Photos by You De / English translation by Miyun

The Friday Buddhist School of Than Hsiang Jing Yuan(Sungai Petani)organized a half-day tour around Alor Setar on Friday, 25 May 2012 with an aim mainly to expose its students to different traditions of Buddhism. 40 people including 29 children, 3 Ai Xin parents and 6 teachers led by Reverand Zhi Qiang and Brother Zhi Hui participated in the tour.



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