Audio-Visual on Buddha Dharma

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Compassion Blesses the Compassionate - Prof. Stephen Jenkins l 04/02/2023
Buddha Nature in the Light of Cognitive Science and Evolutionary Psychology - Prof. Stephen Jenkins l 02/02/2023
Audiobook - Am I Free To Choose My Next Teacher
Why Veganism?
Advanced Directive Care - Introduced by Ven. Wei Wu
International Buddhist College IBC
How to Put Buddhist Study Into Practice by Dr Mattia Salvini
Animals and the Buddha
Teaching by His Eminence Khenchen Konchog Gyaltsen Rinpoche
World Peace
Ven. Wei Wu Interviews His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang
International Buddhist College 7th Convocation, Speech by Professor Charles Willemen
Relying on a Teacher
Have you seen a tree?
How to live this life meaningfully
Are You Ready For Meditation
Office Yoga by Ven Pema
Simple exercise to remove stiffness from joints and increase respiration
Meditational Aspect of Buddha's Teachings
Classical Mindfulness and Anxiety Treatment Part 2 - Dr Lobsang Rapgay
Classical Mindfulness and Anxiety Treatment Part 1 - Dr Lobsang Rapgay
The Importance of Promoting Buddhist Education - Venerable Wei Wu
A Brief Introduction to IBC
Than Hsiang Temple participating in the 2011 Penang Wesak Float Procession
Venerable Wei Wu: Two Stories
Brother Achala's sharing:Why I became a Buddhist
Ven. Wei Wu's talk to staff and students at IBC Korat Campus, Jan. 7 2011
Wonderful chanting of Namo Avalokiteśvara by members of the Plum Village Sangha
Living the Six Syllable Mantra - Prof. Lye Hun Yeow
Guan Yin and Chinese Buddhism - Prof. Yu Chun Fang
Guan Yin Q&A - Prof. Yu & Prof. Lye
Guan Yin and Chinese Buddhism - Prof. Yu Chun Fang
Guan Yin and Heart Sutra - by Prof. Lye Hun Yeow
Meditation for Insight - Dharma Talk by Ven. Pannyavaro
Amongst White Clouds
Who reaps "your" Karma - the question of psychological continuity
Making Merit - The commodification of Karma in Buddhist History
How to generate Bodhicitta - Dharma Talk by Ling Rinpoche
2009 IBC Convocation Seminar
Singapore Eunos Community Club visit to Than Hsiang
Importance of Buddhist Education - Ven Wei Wu
Engaged Buddhism in IBC
Living and Dying in Buddhist Cultures- by Karma Lekshe Tsomo
IBC 1st Graduation
The Buddhist Perspective of Right Lifelihood by Devamitra
filial piety
How to be carring and wise parents
Living Buddhism the way forward by Dato Kumaraseri
Holistic parenthood: key to success & happiness by Dato Ananda Kumaraseri
Bodhgaya Conference 2550CE