Kalyana Mitra

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The future development of Buddhism is in the hands of the Buddhist Youth. Therefore, it is vitally important to build up a strong base among the Buddhist youths. To make this a success, right understanding and practice of the Buddha's teachings in daily life are the elements to be strengthened. Through this process, belief and confidence in the Buddha-Dharma can be enhanced.

As an initial step towards this mission, Than Hsiang Temple established The Kalyana Mitra Home (the home of spiritual friends) near campuses of higher institutions, universities and colleges all over Malaysia . It is believed that if more Buddhist youths of higher education will gather to learn, understand and practice the Dharma, then their moral standard of living will be improved. The Kalyana Mitra Home provides a harmonious environment for the youths to live together in comfort and with peace of mind.

This concept of the Kalyana Mitra Home is actually an aspiration of Venerable Wei Wu, the Abbot of Than Hsiang Temple. He wishes to be closer to the Buddhist Undergraduates to understand more of their way of thinking and their dreams and aspirations. With the help and cooperation of Bro. Yap Hock Heng, there will be establishment of more Kalyana Mitra Homes with the eventual result of obtaining a large force of well educated and dedicated Buddhist Youths for the future of Buddhism.

Our Conviction

Than Hsiang's Convictions will be the guide for every member of Kalyana Mitra Home:
• The young to learn
• The strong and healthy to serve
• The aged and sick to be cared for
• The departed to find spiritual destination

For the “family” members who are still young and searching for knowledge and truth, their sense of faith and confidence in the Buddha-Dharma will built and strengthened. This will indirectly guide them to cultivate the first two elements of Than Hsiang's Convictions, which are ‘the young to learn' and ‘the strong and healthy to serve' . Besides, the ‘family concept' will be inculcated in Kalyana Mitra Homes as the base for communication and interaction among the “family” members.

The concept and culture of Kalyana Mitra Homes

The Kalyana Mitra Home upholds the concept of ‘Family' and ‘Home Away From Home' by creating a place for the undergraduates from different places and backgrounds to learn, grow, appreciate, share and care together.

Every member of the home observes the ‘ The Six Principles of Harmony' as the culture of Kalyana Mitra Homes. Every member shares the same goals and viewpoints, observes the same precepts and rules, and lives together harmoniously. On top of that, each member experiences the inner peace and happiness through practicing the teachings of the Buddha and sharing benefits together.

The Objectives
• To provide a peaceful place to stay and belong.
• To lead the family members to seek the path of happiness and peacefulness.
• To gather more Buddhist Undergraduates to learn and practice the Buddha-Dharma.
• To provide an alternative place for the Varsity Buddhist Society to hold activities.
• To put into practice the teachings of the Buddha in daily lives through self-cultivation and community service.