Dayuandian (Shrine of Great Vow)

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Ancestral prayer is an age long practice for the Chinese people. The Da Yuan Dian (Shrine of Great Vow) is a prayer hall named after Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva (Di Zang Wang Pusa or Earth Store Bodhisattva) as well as a place for devotees to install ancestral tablets for their departed ones. It was officially opened in December 1998 by the late Most Venerable Chek Huang.

At present we have more than 5,000 units of space for tablet installation. Individuals from the public may donate to Than Hsiang Educational Fund to obtain a place for the tablet. We will be glad to show interested parties around. Please call on us during office hours.


Our services:

• permanently installed tablets
• no further charges after installation
• daily chanting and transference of merits by monastic members
• a prayer equivalent to a minor ‘chaodu’ or ‘cheowtor’ for the deceased will be held on a fixed date within the 49 days after decease
• annual Grand Dharma Assemblies will be held during Ching Ming Festival and the 7th Lunar Month. Devotees can make separate donations (in any amount) for the penitent service.
• tablet installation ceremony officiated by monastic members
• provision of a spacious environment supplied with tables, incense, cups and plates, vases, etc.
• a canteen which provides vegetarian food,rice and drinks for prayer offerings
• an airy, bright and serene environment
• daily cleanup
• the shrine is open from 8am to 5pm daily all year round

Information and Service Desk at the Buddhist Article Shop (adjacent to the canteen) opens from 9am to 5.30pm daily

Contact No.: 04-643 7833/04-641 4822 (Mr. Tan Hong Tee)

Some useful information:

1) Tablets – reasonable and uniform cost. We will arrange the position so that you do not have to choose a particular location for a tablet
2) Donors – can donate to obtain tablets for parents, relatives, ancestor or themselves but not for unborn babies, infant spirits, karmic creditors and pets.
3) Procedure – fill in the form with the information of beneficiary (name, identity card, date of birth and demise, etc.), 2 IC size photo (except for ancestor) and make full donation (no deposit)
4) Completion – the tablet will be completed in 3 – 4 weeks after all necessary particulars and photos have been submitted


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