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Registration of Marriages


In December 2004, Than Hsiang Temple was assigned by the government to be the Pendaftaran Perkahwinan Daerah Barat Daya. Couples staying in the South West District of Penang Island or elsewhere in Penang can thus register their marriages at Than Hsiang Temple besides doing so at the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (National Registration) offices in Anson Road, Balik Pulau and Sungai Ara.

Couples wishing to register their marriage at Than Hsiang Temple may do so every first first and third Saturdays & Sundays of the month at 9.30 am. This gives working couples a convenient avenue for registering their marriages outside of office hours.

The registration of marriage is conducted by Mr. Chan Peng Kan, the Assistant Registrar of Marriages, in a simple and solemn ceremony. Mr. Chan is the assistant treasurer of Than Hsiang Buddhist Welfare Association and secretary of Persatuan Kebajikan Than Hsiang Wan Ching Yuen.

Malaysian citizens of 21 years and above in age may register their marriage. To do so they have to:
1. Obtain an Application Form from any of the National Registration offices in Penang and present a recent passport size photograph from each of the couple.
2. Both the couple will need to submit their National Registration Identity Cards for scanning to determine whether the marital status is single or divorced and not married. If single or divorced, the form will be chopped and signed by the officer in the National Registration Department.
3. Submit the form and swear before a Commissioner of Oath that you are 21 years or above in age and there are no encumbrances in marriage to people of other religions.
4. Present the signed form to Than Hsiang Temple together with the following from each person:
4.1 photocopies 2 sets of the National Registration Identity Card (on A4 size paper).
4.2 photocopies 2 sets the Birth Certificate.
4.3 photocopies 2 sets of the Marriage Witness' National Registration Identity Card (on A4 size paper).


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