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Report on 2nd IBC Convocation 2009

Hong Yew Chye

The 2nd IBC Convocation was officially declared opened by The Rector, Ven. Prof Dhammajoti for the conferment of degrees on 2nd August 2009. On stage to witness the event were the chairman,Ven Wei Wu, the honored guests and speakers, academic staffs, while students and recipients of degrees /certificates, and well-wishers both local and foreign took their seats in the well decorated auditorium.
Prof Willemen, Vice-Rector for research and postgraduate studies, presented the citation of Prof Karunadasa, who was invited by the council of IBC to deliver the convocation address.


Report on the 2009 Than Hsiang Sunday dharma class youth camp ( life, wisdom and set sail)

Hong Yew Chye

The annual dharma youth camp organized by the Than Hsiang Sunday class youth group was launched on the 11/6. The 4 day 3 nite camp ended on the 14/6. The theme for this year was “life, wisdom and set sail “ which referred to the growing up, the search for wisdom and setting sail toward the goal of dharma cultivation. The primary objective of the camp was to initiate and establish a caring society endowed with loving kindness and gratitude.


Than Hsiang Kindergarten - Workshop with BOLD

BOLD Training 015.jpg
Madam Ivy Loo

Have you ever met a child who has learning disabilities? Or kids with behavioural and emotional difficulties? Chances are you have met special children with dyslexia, ADD or ADHD. As part of the continuous development programme of the Than Hsiang Kindergarten Teachers, a one-day workshop was held in Than Hsiang Kindergarten (Bayan Lepas) on 20 June 2009. All teachers from Than Hsiang Kindergartens (Bayan Lepas, Sg Ara, Bukit Mertajam and Sg Petani) attended the event, along with the participation of several Ai Xin Mama.


children’s camp “Towards Self-confidence

IMG_0798 camp o9.jpg
Tan Kim Nai

We are into the 8th year of the children’s camp “Towards Self-confidence and Independence”. To expose our children more on appreciating the environment and animal life we took them a step closer to nature by taking them to Taiping Zoo. Held on the 30th and 31st May 2009, the camp turned out to be a successful event and an enriching experience for the children and grown-ups alike.


2009 Bodhi-Nite

Hong Yew Chye

The spectacular sight of a thousand over lighted LED candles flickering in the waving hands of devotees amid the chanting of Buddha’s name was the high light of the 2009 Bodhi-nite . The event in its 3rd consecutive year was held on 2nd May from 7.30pm to 10pm to commemorate the auspicious 2335 years of Buddha day which falls on the 9th of the following week. Jointly organized by Than Hsiang Temple and the Phor Tay Primary, secondary , independent school and their ex-students associations, the event also seek to raise funds for the various schools’ annual expenditures.


The passing away of Venerable Bo Yuan

Hong Yew Chye

About 2500 Buddhist devotees from various Buddhist organizations thronged the funeral service of Venerable Bo Yuan to bid final farewell to one of the most respected and eminent Buddhist monk in recent year. The funeral service was attended by numerous foreign and local monastic and lay luminaries at the Lake Garden Buddhist center. The service began at 10.30 on the morning of 16th April , presided by Ven. Jing Liang, the president of China (Taiwan) Buddhist association and Ven.



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