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International Buddhist College (IBC) Flood Relief Work

Story by Hong Yew Chai

The flooding in Korat province had resulted in the local habitants facing water shortage and electricity disruption. Despite being badly hit by the flood, the college, led by Ven. Zhen Chan wasted no time in distributing relief supplies and disbursing cash tokens to the victims.


The most serious flood ever seen in Korat (Thailand)

Story by Hong Yew Chai

The newly established branch campus of International Buddhist College (IBC) in Koratwas badly affected by the recent flood that hit the North-eastern province of Thailand.Fortunately, there were not much material losses or damage caused at IBC. The only unfortunate incident striked Ven. Zhen Chan, who in the midst of rescue work, slipped and injured his head. He received five stitches and with the protection and blessings of the bodhisattvas, he had since fully recovered.


Highlight of The 25th Anniversary of Than Hsiang Welfare Association Celebrations – Guan Yin Float Procession.

Story by Hong Yew Chai / photos by H.S.Seow

The finale of the 25th anniversary of Than Hsiang Welfare Association celebrations was the 6-kilometer Guan Yin float procession that was successfully launched in the evening of 31/7/10.


Visit by His Eminence the 7th Ling Rinpoche

Story by Loh Gaik Wah / Photos by H.S.Seow

On December 3rd 2009, Venerable Wei Wu together with Bro. Chan and Bro. Ping Ken received His Eminence the 7th Ling Rinpoche and his entourage from Chokyi Gyaltsen Center. On the way to Than Hsiang Temple, Venerable Wei Wu took the opportunity to bring Ling Rinpoche and everyone else including Sister Annee, Sister Pek and Dr. Daniel Yeoh who is the director of the Chokyi Gyaltsen Center; to visit Than Hsiang Farlim center.



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