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Refuge Ceremony for National Service Students

Story and photos by Wong Weng Wah

Taking refuge means relying wholeheartedly on the Three Jewels of The Buddha, Dharma and Sangha to inspire and guide us toward a constructive and beneficial direction in our lives. On 3 July 2011, a Refuge Ceremony was conducted in The Great Compassion Hall (Da Bei Dian) for some 46 National Service students where 12 students formally took refuge. During the refuge ceremony, in addition to taking refuge in the Three Jewels, 4 of them voluntarily took the five precepts.


A Half-day Trip for Than Hsiang Kindergarten (Farlim)

Story by Teo Beng Guat / photos by H.S.Seow

On 25th June 2011, Than Hsiang Kindergarten (Farlim) organized a half-day trip which was its first outdoor activity. A group of twenty-three children and seven teachers from the Kindergarten paid a visit to Wat Chayamangkalaram Thai Temple and the Dharmikarama Burmese Temple located in the Pulau Tikus area.

We started our journey around 8.45 am. The children were very excited and happily singing the “Outing Song” along the way while enjoying the breakfast prepared for them.


One Big Family One Joyful Outing

Wong Weng Wah / photos by Lim Bee Hong

Sunday, 13/03/2011 will be reminisced as a memorable family day for our Sunday Dharma School (SDS) family. It was originally scheduled to be held at Sungai Batu beach in Teluk Kumbar but unfortunately 3 days prior to that, i.e. on 11/03/2011, a devastating earthquake and tsunami rocked Japan, forcing the organizers to consider either a cancellation of the activity or a change in venue. Desperate for time and mulling over safety issues and most importantly not to disappoint the big family, we were fortunate to be able to change the venue to Bodhi Heart Sanctuary (BHS).


“Guan Yin Medallion Relief Fund” campaign in Penang

Story by Hong Yew Chai / photos by H.S.Seow

Not only had the recent torrential monsoon rain caused flooding in northern Peninsular Malaysia, our neighboring countries, Thailand and Indonesia respectively were also not spared the onslaught of disaster of flood; volcano eruption and tsunami, resulting in the abrupt dislocation of the inhabitants and untold sufferings.


International Buddhist College (IBC) Flood Relief Work

Story by Hong Yew Chai

The flooding in Korat province had resulted in the local habitants facing water shortage and electricity disruption. Despite being badly hit by the flood, the college, led by Ven. Zhen Chan wasted no time in distributing relief supplies and disbursing cash tokens to the victims.


The most serious flood ever seen in Korat (Thailand)

Story by Hong Yew Chai

The newly established branch campus of International Buddhist College (IBC) in Koratwas badly affected by the recent flood that hit the North-eastern province of Thailand.Fortunately, there were not much material losses or damage caused at IBC. The only unfortunate incident striked Ven. Zhen Chan, who in the midst of rescue work, slipped and injured his head. He received five stitches and with the protection and blessings of the bodhisattvas, he had since fully recovered.



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