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Death Anxiety and Buddhists

By Kwan-Hang Sin, Ph.D.

Sigmund Freud defined death drive as one of the two basic instincts out of his research on anxiety. Since then, research on death anxiety has received great interest from psychologists, and it was found that death anxiety was associated with psychiatric symptoms, including anxiety, depression, obsession-compulsion, social anxiety, somatization, etc. The significance of its impact, however, was found moderated by pleasant and unpleasant beliefs about life-after-death.


Promoting World Peace

Ven. Dr. Wei Wu

I wish to congratulate the Sitagu International Buddhist Academy for organizing the World Peace Buddhist Conference. I hope to learn from the leaders and scholars from different religious faiths on this important topic at the conference.

Let me approach the subject of promoting world peace in two different perspectives – at institutional level and at individual level.

At Individual Level

I would like to share with you a story:


Light afternoon with Professor Charles Willemen

‘Best Professors and best Library’, is the description of IBC in a nutshell, according to Professor Charles Willemen, Rector of IBC. What more could a Buddhist student ask for? Truly established for the good of the many, IBC has the best of people teaching and keeping the home fires up. After an exquisite conversation with Professor Willemen on 16th February 2016, I told myself that I made the right choice to be in IBC!


Than Hsiang Taiji Group – Perak (Chemor, Tambun & Kuala Sepetang)

5 July 2015 was the day Than Hsiang Taiji Group going for a 1-Day Tour of Chemor, Tambun and Kuala Sepetang in Perak. Taiji members and their family members started gathering at Than Hsiang Temple car park around 6.00 am and our tour bus departed from Than Hsiang Temple around 6.45 am towards Chai Leng Park to have our breakfast.


Happy Moments

Miss SC Teoh and Miss JG Beh are two voluntary artists who assist and provide support to our Sungai Ara Wan Ching Yuen Old Folks Home in its recreation activities. They coach and share the skills in art and crafts with the senior citizens in the Home, at the same time bringing more fun and joy to them. They are surprised by the hidden talents in many of the senior citizens there.

The senior citizens are proud to display their work.

What a marvelous and meaningful work to enrich the life of and cheer up the senior citizens there.


Say 'No!' To Hudud Law

If we have been watching TV, reading the newspapers or surfing the Net, we should be aware of the latest issue about the Hudud Islamic law. PAS wants to implement the Hudud law in Kelantan. This proposal has to be tabled in the Parliament, and requires a majority of votes for it to be passed. Today, we will hop on the bandwagon and discuss three important points. Being Buddhists, our stand must be clear and definite.



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