Addicted persons – Center Based treatment and Buddhism

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Ven. Narong Chaiyatha Ph.D. Candidate, International Buddhist College, Thailand.


It is an open problem in the global level that the number of addicted persons are growing every day, many governments spend vast resources to eliminate this menace. One of the Buddhist Center in Thailand follow the Buddhist method to cure the addicted patience and now successfully completing its 25th year soon. This center is named as Quality Development of Life Centre (QDLC) and linked with the Department of Probation of the Ministry of Justice and the Dept. of Probation send drug offenders to follow the two months rehabilitation program.

When any drug offender comes the center evaluate his position of addiction and pass him through three stages to bring him to normal condition. The first stage is the stage the patience should keep away from using drugs. This is the hard part of controlling the mind of the addicted person and follow the second stage to get help to control the mind of the addicted person.

Second stage is the important one to give the confidence to the patience and for that the reconstruction of the physical and mental condition of the patience is important. For that the center follows the various programs starting with the pujas, meditation, yoga, working with soldier and mountain hiking, engage in musical programs and singing, dancing and so on. With all these programs the patience will not only forget the using drugs but also he will achieve the confidence of himself, because the society has been accepted him as a useful person.

Third stage is the social acceptance level with illuminating creative activities as well as vipassanā meditation practice with improving the knowledge on Abhidhamma. By this time the patience has reached to the highest level of rehabilitation program and if they so willing they will give the chance to be ordained as novice. This is the way to prove that he has been accepted by society and has become the useful citizen in the society.

Key words:- Rehabilitation, Mental and physical reconstruction, Meditation, Buddhism, Creative activity.