Topic: Special Features of Thai culture under the Buddhist influences

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Mr. Jaroon Chaibao Ph.D. Candidate, International Buddhist College, Thailand. Email:


Due to long existing of Buddhism in Thailand, Buddhism might play an important role in developing special feature of Thai culture which is attractive and unique. As there are not so many researches on the development of Thai Society under the influences of Buddhism, this leads to the interest to explore this issue. The purpose of this study is to find out how did Buddhism help to develop Thai cultures.
This research is a qualitative research. The data were collected from Thai and English materials. They were studied and analyzed.

The results of the study are that Thai culture was shaped, impacted and cultivated by the Buddhist perspective in many realms. It is clear that Buddhism has taken deep root in their worldview which leads them to think, act, and speak in according to their belief or view especially, Buddhism.
The way of life of Thai peoples shows the Buddhist influences on it from their belief, though, characteristic, festivals, rituals, and their behaviors. It is undeniable that Thai art also deals and own to Buddhism. It is known as Buddhist art, which formed the unique national ideal and conception of life in Thai society. Moreover, Sanskrit and Pāli which considered as the Buddhist languages were the strong parts to develop Thai language due to the evidences, shows that there are more than fifty percent of Sanskrit and Pāli loan words which are using in Thai Language today.

Consequently, it is safe to say that Buddhism has played as important factors to form, shape, and develop Thai Culture as it is seen now.

Key Words: Buddhism, Thai Culture, Thai arts, Thai language, Influences.