Pajam Devotees Birthdays Celebration

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Grandma 93rd Birthday Celebration

Sharing of some devotees birthday celebrations on different occasion. Nickname, Kai Mah is among the pioneer devotees in Pajam center since the opening seven years ago. Being the "mother" to all of us and the "grandmother" to all our childrens is strong and active physically. She used to advice us "if you have a cold or fever shower with salt water or just drink a cup of warm salt water" thereafter you will be alright. We jointly celebrated her 93rd birthday on November 8th, 2010.

On November 22nd, 2010 we celebrated the birthday of Aunty Mei Siang and Aunty Siew Cheng together with their family members too.

Kai Mah's Birthday on 8th November, 2010
Aunty Mei Siang with family members
Aunty Siew Cheng with daughters and grand daughter, and friend
Birthday group photo 22nd November, 2010
Kai Mah's Birthday happy..happy...
Aunty Mei Siang and daughters