Children Dharma Class & Daycare Services

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Daycare childrens learning "Fa Qi"

Weekly children dharma classes and daycare for pre-school and primary school students in pajam center. Classes through dharma stories telling, chanting, songs and "shou yi". Ai Xin Mama, Jie Jie and childrens learning and helping one another as a family with the guidance of the Buddha's Teaching. Childrens are guided by the "Than Hsiang Conviction" and "The Ten Good Deeds" teaching from The Buddha, The Dharma and The Sangha.

Dharma childrens helping in the kitchen
children learning how to take a photo
computer lessons
little girl sam yi only 2 years old but enjoying going to daycare
Teacher Kwai Yin in dharma class
Nicole Ong is 7 years old, "this is chinese lemon leaves"