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A Compassionate Surprise Dharma Talk for SDS

Wong Weng Wah

We were conducting our Sunday Dharma School (SDS) morning service like normal on 30th September 2007 until Venerable Wei Wu surprisingly walked into the Hall of Great Compassion (Da Bei Dian) when we were just about to finish chanting The Heart Sutra. Shifu prostrated three times and proceeded to request that he be allotted some time to talk to the SDS family. Curious and surprised, everyone listened attentively.


Venerable Wei Wu's Thursday's Dharma Talk1 & 8 September 2006 (Related in 1 st person)

1 September 2006 - Today, I am going to start by talking about the ethical teachings of Buddhism. There are two different types of ethical teachings. The first is theological ethics that is based on the concept of the almighty god and everything rests on this god. The second category of ethics is called humanistic ethics. It is based on humanism.


Venerable Wei Wu's Thursday's Dharma Talk18 August 2006 (Related in 1 st person)

Today I'm very happy to see, in addition to our staff and volunteers, the participation of some of our staff members as well as students from IBC. We just had the IBC academic conference last weekend and on the whole the conference went very well. It was very successful due to the cooperation of everyone. So I like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all of you, whether staff or volunteers from Than Hsiang or staff and students from IBC. You all worked very well together for a successful conference. The successful conference is an outcome.


Venerable Wei Wu's Morning Breakfast Talk to the Sakyadhita Delegates on June 23, 2006

I first read about the Sakyadhita when I read a book about your very first conference in Bodhigaya. You have made tremendous progress in the past 20 years. Over the years, some of the earlier issues had become lesser issues or non issues. In our tradition, the ancient Chinese Enlightened Masters call this "seeing the mountain again as mountain".



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