CNY Auspicious Lamp Lighting and One Day Retreat

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Than Hsiang Temple, Bayan Baru, Penang will hold a series of events during the forthcoming Chinese New Year from 27 January to 5 February 2017.

(1) Chinese New Year Lamp Lighting
The New Year Auspicious Lamp Lighting activity will be held in the temple from the eve (26 January) to the 9th day of Chinese New Year (5 February). Devotees can make offerings to the Buddha, pray for auspiciousness and avoidance of negativities, and for the well beings of individuals and families. Voluntary donations will be collected for auspicious lamps while donations for digital tablets for the above purposes are RM50 and above. Collections will be channeled to our charitable medical fund.

A cleansing ceremony will be held at 10pm on Chinese New Year’s Eve by Monastic Sangha members to kick off the Auspicious Lamp Lighting event. Chanting services for event participants will be held at 11am daily from the first day to the 9th day of Chinese New Year.

(2) Group Chanting to Usher In the New Year

From 10:30pm onwards on Chinese New Year’s Eve, Venerable Wei Wu, the abbot of Than Hsiang Temple will give a Dharma talk. This will be followed by activities led by Sangha members including hitting the bell to send best wishes, repentance for the past, aspiration for the future, prostrations with the chanting of Samantabhadra’s Ten Great Vows, and performing the first morning puja (chanting service) of the new year. Thereafter, devotees may extend their New Year wishes to the Sangha members who will then give out souvenirs to the devotees.

(3) One Day Retreat on New Year’s Day
A one day retreat will be held from 9am to 6pm on the first day of Chinese New Year (28 January 2017). The cultivation includes Buddha name recitation, circumambulation, sitting meditation, chanting and Dharma talk. At 10:45am there will be a grand noon offering ceremony to the Buddha. Devotees are most welcome to participate.

(4) Hitting the Bell to Send a Wish
Hitting the bell to send wishes is a traditional practice of Chinese Mahayana Buddhism. This facility will be available in front of the Great Compassion Shrine (Da Bei Dian) on the ground floor from 8am to 5pm, from the first day of Chinese New Year (28 January 2017) to the 9th day (5 February 2017).

Devotees are encouraged to hit the bell and send good wishes to themselves, their families, friends and relatives and all sentient beings. The proceeds will be donated to Phor Tay High School Construction Fund for the benefit of the students.

The program schedule for this series of activities is as follows:
10:00pm Cleansing Ceremony
10:30pm Group Chanting to Usher In the New Year

9:00am to 6:00pm One Day Retreat
10:45am Grand Offering Service

28-01-2017 to 05-02-2017
8:00am to 5:00pm Hit the Bell to Send A Wish
11:00am Merit Transference for Auspicious Lamp Lighting