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Filial Piety Dharma Assembly

Lamp-lighting for living parents, relatives and friends for blessing
· Digital Tablet RM50
· Donation in any amount

Penitent Service
Penitent Service for departed relatives, ancestors, karmic creditors, etc.
· Digital Tablet RM50
· Donation in any amount

7.30 pm Cleansing Ceremony
8.00 pm Chanting of Amitabha Sutra & Dharma Teaching


Chinese Buddhist Hymms Singing Competition

Chinese Buddhist Hymns Singing Competition

Mitra Welfare Association 26th Anniversary Fund Raising Towards Community Services

Donation Amount
- Striking of Gong RM 5,000 and above
- Beating of Drum RM 3,000 and above
- Ribbon cutting RM 1,000 and above
- Offering of Candle RM200 and above
Each donation of RM20 is entitled to one entrance ticket
Enquiry: 04-6451141

Group A (above 40 years old)
Group B (16 years old to 40 years old)


M.B.S.A. International Maha Sanghikadana

7.30am - 10.00am
* Offering of rice in alms bowl
* Pindapatta Alms Round
(Offering of white rice supply by organiser only)

10.00am - 12.30pm
* Speeches
* Offering of Candles Ceremony
* Pali Chanting
* Chanting of “Ullambana Sutra” & Noon Offering
* Sanghikadana
* Dharma Teaching
* Transference of Merits

Methods of Sponsorship
Main Sponsor
Donation per share
Donation in any amount


Wesak Sanghikadana & Lamp-lighting at Four Buddhist Holy Sites (India)

Donation of RM50 or above is entitled to:
1) Offering of 10,000 oil lamps at the Four Buddhist Holy Sites (Lumbini – Buddha’s birth place, Bodhgaya - Buddha’s enlightenment site, Sarnath - Buddha’s initial preaching site and Kushnagar - Buddha’s Parinirvana site). According to Buddha’s teaching: paying reverence to the four holy sites in India will help to accumulate merits and purify negative karma.


Ching Ming Dharma Assembly

Methods of participation:
- Digital Tablet RM50
- Donation in any amount

Remembrance of our departed parents, ancestors, relatives, friends, karmic creditors and all sentient beings.
Names of the departed ones will be displayed on digital tablets.