Generosity Towards Charity

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Sis Celina

Wan Ching Yuen Crafts Centre (WCYCC) was established with the objective to raise funds through charity sale of handmade crafts to support Wan Ching Yuen Welfare Centre and provide quality care to the residents.

A wide variety of quality crafts are produced by a team of caring, committed and compassionate members of WCYCC. Those who are interested to learn and share their craft skills are cordially invited to join WCYCC on every Tuesday ( except public holiday, 1st and 15th of the lunar month) from 9.30 am till 2.30pm.

Sale of WCYCC crafts are also available at Than Hsiang Temple Article Shop.

WCYCC held the 1st Appreciation Lunch for 2017 on 30th March and presented a donation of RM25,000 towards Wan Ching Yuen Welfare Home.

"Generosity towards charity
May your compassionate heart touch on others,
Willingness to be a volunteer
May your selflessness lead you to the path of Bodhisattva"