Early Childhood Education (ECE) workshop

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The Than Hsiang Kindergarten held an Early Childhood Education (ECE) workshop on 10 and 11 September for its teachers in order to enhance their teaching skills and capacity. We are honoured to have Miss Buddhi Randeniya from Sri Lanka to share her knowledge and experience with the seventy participants from Than Hsiang Kindergarten and its branches. Miss Buddhi is an experienced trainer attached to the National Children’s Education Foundation (NCEF) of Sri Lanka.

During those two days the teachers took part in some fun-and-energy-generating warming up activities, personality development based group counseling activities for extending teaching capacity, and team work build-up as well as activities for boosting physical & mental well-being so as to extend personality and teaching capacity. Miss Buddhi also put them in activities for enhancing basic artistic skills including dancing, drama, music and art. Finally they were introduced to further learning materials, activities, and techniques for working with kids.

At the end of the workshop Venerable Wei Wu, the abbot of Than Hsiang Temple accompanied by temple superintendent Venerable Zhen Xin, Than Hsiang education director Mr Chua and Than Hsiang Kindergarten principal Miss Sandhi, presented certificates to kindergarten teachers and supervisors who had completed the course. He also awarded a certificate of appreciation to Miss Buddhi.