Bathing Buddha Statue Ceremony at Sungai Petani Jing Yuan

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Chinese Report by Siew Hong / Photos by You De / English Translation by Miyun

On May 4th, Sungai Petani Jing Yuan organized a Bathing Buddha Statue Ceremony for the Friday Dharma Class at the Main Shrine.The ceremony led by Venerable Zhen Ru started off at 2 p.m. 6 Ai Xin Ma Ma and 40 students from Friday Dharma Class attended the event.

After the chanting of Praise to Buddha, Venerable Zhen Ru delivered a talk about the origin and significance of Buddha Day. After the talk, participants recited the Heart Sutra followed by Buddha Bathing Gatha. Venerable Zhen Ru bathed the Buddha statue first followed by students and teachers from Friday Dharma Class at the Main Shrine. After all participants had bathed the Buddha statue, they chanted the Three Refuges and Transfer of Merit. A Buddhist cartoon movie “Through the Eyes of the Little Monk” was then played on the spot.

May the children plant the Dharma seeds in their hearts. Amituofo!

Chanting at the Main Shrine.
The pavilion for Buddha Bathing.
Students listening attentively to the Dharma talk.
Students are about to line up for the ceremony.
A teacher guiding a student to bathe the Buddha statue.
Friday Dharma Class students prostrating to the Buddha image.
Venerable Zhen Ru delivering a Dharma talk.
Venerable Zhen Ru bathing the Buddha statue.
Students bathing the Buddha statue.