Wesak Sanghikadana & Lamp Lighting in India

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Wesak Sanghikadana & Lamp Lighting in India - Closing Date:May 3

Than Hsiang Temple is organising a Wesak Sanghikadana and Lamp-lighting event at the four Buddhist holy sites in India to be held on 10 May 2011. The four holy sites are Lumbini (Buddha's birth place), Bodhgaya (Buddha's enlightenment site), Sarnath (Buddha's initial preaching site) and Kushnagar (Buddha's passing away site). This event comprises:

i. lamp-lighting at the four holy sites,

ii. offering of meals to and chanting by more than 10 thousand Sangha members from Sera Monastery, Ganden Monsatery, Drepung Monastery, Gyuto Tantric School and Gyurme Tantric School in India, and

iii. dedication of names by Sangha representative from Sera-Mey Monastery

To participate in this auspicious event, the rate of each share of offering is RM50 per name and family. Donations for more than one share or in any amount are also acceptable. The closing date is 3 May 2011.

For details please call Than Hsiang Temple, Tel. No.: 604-6414822