Shifu Visits During Chinese New Year 2011

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Shifu with PLKN Millenium NS students on Chinese New Year 2011

Shifu, Ven Wei Wu visits to Pajam and several centers in Seremban during Chinese New Year 2011 on 13th & 14th February and gives several dharma talks to all members and devotees. Devotees comprises of parents, teachers, PLKN Millenium students from Beranang, devotees from pajam/mantin/nilai/seremban and other states. In conjunction to the visits also conducted a "Triple Gems Refuge Taking" in one of the Seremban center, Taman Makmur.

The great compassionate venerable, Shifu also pay the last respect to the demise of kwai yin teacher's mother-in-law coincide during to Shifu visit. Shifu share a dharma talk to the demise family members.

Following on 20th February a lamp lighting ceremony was carried out at Pajam center for all devotees and members and students. This is lead by Ven Zhen She.

Students receiving "angpow" from Shifu
Members of devotees from Taman Makmur center
Shifu dharma talks in Taman Makmur during Chinese New Year
20th February, lamp lighting ceremony
Members of devotees and daycare childrens
Kwai Yin teacher & family members listening to Shifu talk
lamp lighting ceremony