Garland Drop Down Menu for Drupal 6 is here!

This theme uses pull-down menu. It does not require nicemenu module. It based on suckfish css. Just like Garland Theme, it works with IE5.5, IE6, IE7, Opera9, Firefox. You can change the theme color through the color module.

Following these three steps:
1. Download and install the theme

2. In /admin/build/block
Set "Primary links" Region to "Header"

3. /admin/build/menu-customize/primary-links
Enable the Menu item as "Expanded"

You can use color module to change the color.

For Drupal 5, download here:

garland_dropmenu.zip162.36 KB

Drop Down menu one item under the other

I'm using drupal 6 and downloaded the garland theme 6 from the above.
After installed,I've noticed that the drop down menus show in the same line/column and overlapped each other.
How to adjust it?
Please advise.

I have the same problem,please is there a solution, i want to avoid using other themes, i was very excited with this version of garland. I think it has something to do with the style.css but not sure, the header region is smaller than the one in the normal Garland but i dont know how i have to tweak the file to have the same region wide as for example the footer, content or proper header

Thank you in advance

The Garland Dropdown Menu did not work for me.


I have been trying to do the above procedure, but the result for me is negative. So please can you suggest me some other method as making Sub-menu a part of my website is very essential.

And the header portion for the site looks fuzzy.

I am not able to paste a screen-shot of my site here. If you need to contact me for the same write to me at

Please help me ASAP as I am stuck in my work.

Thanks & Regards.

This theme is out of date, please use other themes


When I created this theme two years ago, Drupal had few drop-down themes. Now you can find a lot of drop-down theme at I suggest you use the pixture_reloaded theme:

Works like a charm

Thanks for a clean re-make of Garland :)

Active Links

How do i set active links for this menu.
Suppose in main link i have About us and in sub link i have company profile.
When i click on About US the 'about us' menu item will be active and if i click on company portfolio the 'about us' and 'company portfolio' will be active.

Problem in RTL Language


First of all i'd like to thank you for that theme.
I encountered a problem in RTL language(Hebrew).
I set the secondary menus to appear as drop menu by changing the page.tpl.php.
and it worked fine in English.
When i turn it to Hebrew it seems to be ok on the front page, but when i clicking to another page i see the drop down menu in the top left corner but it doesn't react when the mouse on it and it stop acting as a link. it is just a text.

Anyone has any suggestions?

One more thing

The problem doesn't exist in IE7, only in Firefox and Chrome...

drop down menu overlapped

I'm using drupal 6 and downloaded the garland theme 6 from the above.
After installed,I've noticed that the drop down menus show in the same line/column and overlapped each other.
How to adjust it?
Please advise.

garland_dropmenu with Counter module

Garland DropMenu was exactly that I need but I use Counter Module.
The configuration of "Counter" module allows you to avoid the title, using < none > in the title field.
That's work in Garland with the Counter bloc in foot-bloc or left-bloc, with Garland-DropMenu the Title "Counter" appears!
How to put it off?


garland_dropmenu with Counter module

It's seems solved ! Probably afer an update of the data base !

This message has no reason to be here and could be suppress...


I don't know how to solve the

I don't have time to check the module as I have never used the module. This Theme was created long time ago. At that time, there were almost no drop-down menu at Now, you can find so much themes that have the drop-down function.

Personally, I use Nice menu module. I recommend you use other drop-down menu theme. Check this one:

I juse pixture theme plus nice menu.

fa qing



Not Working

I've download the theme from above link i m using drupal 6.x, after extracting i selected as current theme went to above mentioned URL "admin/build/menu-customize/primary-links" enable the expanded checkbox to every menuitem. but still the dropdown menu is not working.. and ofcourse i've assigned primary menu to header region.. i have multi-level drop down but its not working at all... can you guide me on possibly what can go wrong..

Not working

Same issue with me... I have created the Menus in the primary links.. The created Menus are great they are displaying... but how to get or create the submenus for that Menus... So that the drop down would be displayed... Can you please guide me..

found the issue

after meddling with things a bit i've found out the issue actually the template that i was using already had dropdown menus which was also not working... found out it was because of the dhtml-menu module... which was interfering with output..

Mis-Aligned Drop Downs

Recently installed this on a site I'm building - and it works great except for the fact that the drop downs are slightly mis-aligned. They're about 5 or 6 px mis-aligned to the right and I can't for the life on me work out how to correct it.

Can anyone help with this?

The following CSS will shift

The following CSS will shift the dropdowns to the left:

#squeeze li.expanded li.leaf {
    position: relative;
    left: -6px;

A separate little bug is that the menus don't resize well when you enlarge the text size.

Third level doesn't always show

I have primary links working just fine and their respective drop downs. However, I have one Menu item that has a sublink with it's own link. This third-level link shows up only if I am on the Parent link's page. If I'm elsewhere, the third-level link isn't available.

Any thoughts on why?

To further explain:
Menu 1
--Sub 1
--Sub 2

Menu 2
--Sub 1
--Sub 2
--Sub 3

So in above scenario, SubSub1 will not appear at all unless I navigate to Menu 2 (and/or its subpages). Then and only then do I see option/pulldown for SubSub1

Thanks for any help!!!

Sorry... I have to correct something

I ONLY see the SubSub 1 option if I navigate to Menu 2>Sub 2. It still wont show if I just go to Menu 2.


You need Enable the Menu item

You need Enable the Menu item as "Expanded"


That did it. Duh!!
One more question:
How can I have the same menu structure above but not have actual links for the main menu items (i.e. Menu 1, Menu 2)?
I don't want these to go to any page, just to trigger the menu to expand... basically the equivalent of "#" link in html.


Only Have sub link active.

This is a total hack but in nice_menus.module I change these lines and added a function. Also, I added cursor:pointer over the menu items since I removed the href.

if ($children) {
$output .= '

else {
$output .= '

return $output;

function unlinkMe($str){

$str = str_replace("href", "black", $str);
return $str;

hope that helps.

Can anyone help me with this.. I got same issue as above

I want the main menu to only open submenu but not to go anywhere.

These instructions don't seem

These instructions don't seem complete. Can someone add to them? In step 3, I would need to add an item to the menu, but don't know what the path should be.
Also, do I need to enable it in my theme mgt? Thanks.


Thank you !

Thank you !
I wish you good luck and all the best !

Sofia, Bulgaria

Any new themes

I want to know the site from which the themes which can hold the top menu links for druapl 6.1 versions



Great theme, thank you! The lack of a drop down in Garland was driving me crazy:-)

Two questions:

I am not using the right sidebar. In IE7 the page width is expanded to the right for what looks like the width of the sidebar. The centre area is not shrunk though resulting in the horizontal scroll bar appearing. Scrolling right therefore just shows an empty area. Is there some way of fixing this?

Secondly, the only design niggle I have is the slightly offset highlighting of a selected dropdown item. I think it looks untidy! Was this intentional? Can I change it?

Thanks again for a terrific mod,


The module created very

The module created very early, now you can find many themes in that support drop down menu. I suggest you try them also.

Personally, I use nice menu. What you are seeing now in this site, is nice menu.

Header Image

I would like to place a header graphic in this theme. How can I accomplish this?

Dropdown explanation

Thanks for this theme. The dropdown menus are exactly what I was looking for. I have looked through the theme files, though, and I can't figure out what it was you changed to get the dropdown menus. Except for a tiny change in the page.tpl.php, there doesn't seem to be anything different. Could you explain what you did to make this work, or at least where I should be looking to see your overrides? I'm hoping to implement something similar in a different theme.


How can you change the rollover colors on the drop down menu?

I love this theme. I upgrade to Drupal 6.2 and just updated the theme. Somehow the rollover color on the drop down menu changed to a random color. Any ideas on how to control this?

I think the rollover colors

I think the rollover colors are changed by color module. You can modify the first part style.css, and try.

dropmenu with secondary links

at first, i like to thanks you for this good theme

so i had like to do the same modification and having the same menu in the right sidebar but with the secondaries links

and please also could you tell how you get rid of the menu title?

Phil Did From France

Removing title from block header?

You can remove the title from any "created" block by typing <none>.

Enjoy, and I like this theme feature a lot.
Just curious what happens when you reach the edge with your links. Would it drop down to a second, or 3rd, maybe even as in stacked on each other, how about being staggered like?

top level

It would be nice to think that beings that parents can only have 9 children listed beneath them. Damn, thats a lot of pages, but if you were using Drupal to create a link farm of information then I guess you would need it.

OOOppppsss. Ok getting sleeping. DELETE DELETE DELETE ERASE....

Joshua Needham

P.S. How about centering the block title of created/core blocks?

How to disable the menu

How to disable the menu title? Just disable the block title.


Under Block Title, type

Logo covers menu


Just started with Drupal.. need some help.

How would I make the menu sit below the logo? I want the logo to be the length of the page with menu underneath that.


Is it possible to have a different look on inside pages?

I am a Drupal N00b and found this theme while looking for dropdown menus. I am also trying to find whether I can have two different layouts - one for the homepage and another for the inside pages, with different blocks.
Can you please direct me to any resources to help me do this?
Thanks a ton!

Noob's beware, advanced feature request here.

I am not entirely sure but I believe your wanting to fiddle around with the throttle or trigger modules. Drupal is a very tight nit community, and I suggest if you're planning on actually learning drupal that you create an account at You get extra search feature when logged in which makes it easier to search everything on the site.

You can however achieve this by requiring people register for your site, but if a person is brand new to a site they'll more than likely not want to register just to view information other that your homepage unless you're setting the site up as a member community site, or selling something.

Hope this helps. I could go on for days about Drupal, and I would consider myself to be only a moderately capable user. It is an amazing platform that has next to unlimited potential.

Enjoy your stay.

Joshua Needham

Why don't you visit

Why don't you visit where you can get support from many others.

Problems with IE6

I totally love this theme (for Drupal 6), and want to use it on one of my sites, but it does not look that good in IE6. The Primary buttons are double the size of the tekst. Ex. if i make a menu entry "Linux" til actually takes double space, so when i use the fixed with, I get 2 raws of Primary menu entryes, not all in one raw. I simply cant find the problem (besides IE6 :)
The strange thing is, that does not seem to have this problem with IE6...

How can i fix that???

You can eidt fix-ie.css Just

You can eidt fix-ie.css
Just change this code and try what is the best fit.

#nav li {
width: 130px;

You can change the width as 100 or 80 px.

It is the problem of IE 6.


Thank you so much.


Is this incompatible with Drupal 6.1?

I've just installed this on my new Drupal 6.1 instance. Looks great - except that links added to the Secondary Menu, which I've set to display in the Right sidebar are also showing up in the logo area above the Header block. Any idea why?


Oh, I see. Pardon my ignorance. Apparently the Secondary links menu appears there by default in the Garland theme. I just deleted the Secondary links menu items and created a new menu and it worked perfectly. Thanks for a really wonderful mod of the Garland theme!

Browser Version

That's pretty sweet that it works with all browsers essentially.

Finding something that works in IE5.5 and Firefox is a pain!