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Drupal 6 was released yesterday, Feb, 12 2008. I disable all my third party modules, and updated it to Drupal 6!

I also modified the garland theme, see here:


All this Days I was working with 6.0 Know I am looking for the change, that’s the nice one which helped me a lot

I am making the switch to Drupal

I have been looking at Drupal all day long and doing the research if I should make the switch for some new niches that i have and after looking at this post tell you what man I am like so convinced thank you so much!



I'm using drupal from years and i love it


To get cracking in

To get cracking in discovering how Drupal 6 can offer more power in site theming, be sure to watch Moshe Weitzman's screencast introducing the Theme Developer module; a new part of devel which lets you know what theme functions are being called on your site, as you look at it! Sort of like a Web Developer toolbar or Firebug extension for Drupal :)

I wouldn't recommend using Drupal 6 on a 'live site' for the next couple of months until the contributed modules you may want to use on your site are available - be sure to check in on their status first.

drupal 6.1 from scratch

Great site!

Can you guide to install drupal 6.1 from scratch? i'll be using ubuntu 7.1 LAMP server. I been searching step by step installation of drupal 6.1 but no luck.Thanks so much!

I am having issues with 6.1,

I am having issues with 6.1, is anyone else experienceing anything similar? I am going to revert back to 6.0, and tips would be appreciated.


You can read this for how to

You can read this for how to configure the LAMP

To install Drupal 6 is the same as Drupal 5, read this:

third word

What is the third word in the phrase "commentators do not like" :)

OpenID works fine :) It would

OpenID works fine :)

It would be nice displaying nodes' date and time.