How to remove "Login or register to post comments" in teaser part for Drupal 5

Update: for Drupal 7, you can use Display Suit to control the teaser display.

Video tutor:

Method one: In node.tpl.php, change this:

<?php if ($links): ?>
<div class="links"><?php print $links; ?></div>
<?php endif; ?>


<?php if ($links && !$teaser): ?>
<div class="links"><?php print $links; ?></div>
<?php endif; ?>

Problem: the "read more" is also removed in teaser.

Method two: change the comment module:

Method three: Use view (List view with fields: node title, node body (teaser), link to node).

For Drupal 8, read here:



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Drupal 5

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Option 3

Can you please me more detailed about Option 3?
Method three: Use view (List view with fields: node title, node body (teaser), link to node)

I use Drupal 6.



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Good comment (sarcasm)

Good comment (sarcasm)

Thanks for sharing this tip.

Thanks for sharing this tip. But i would only want to remove the register link only and not the "read more". It would be nice if you could give another tip or article regarding it. Thanks a lot!

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Great work.. thanks for sharing

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I just checked our change notes and that was one of the first things that we called Symantec about and I don't know exactly how they fixed it. It is a known is issue and was fixed with the release of MR2 (so they say). We are in the process of reinstalling MR2 so I cannot tell you if it works.
Technical support should be able to help you with it but they might suggest that you move to MR2.

I agree! lol -Daniel

I agree! lol

-Daniel Saltman

Getting rid of teaser comment

There is a super simple change one can make to avoid having a comment link on teasers regardless of login status.

It's formatted all nice here...

And posted again here...

NOTE: Simple Review module users, the $links[comment_add] key is altered to be "Review this Article," but you can nip the issue in the bud at the comment.module level :)

Go to about line 320 in comment.module and find this...

if ($node->comment == COMMENT_NODE_READ_WRITE) {
  if(!teaser) {      // -------- Here is my teaser test
    if (user_access('post comments')) {
      $links['comment_add'] = array(
        'title' => t('Add new comment'),
        'href' => "comment/reply/$node->nid",
        'attributes' => array('title' => t('Add a new comment to this page.')),
        'fragment' => 'comment-form'
    }    // -------- This ends the teaser test
    else {
      $links['comment_forbidden']['title'] = theme('comment_post_forbidden', $node->nid);

Add in the $teaser test as an if statement. (I've marked it in code comments.)

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Hi Josh, thanks for post. I

Hi Josh, thanks for post.

I think we don't have other choice, but modify the core comment module.

This method does not work in Drupal 6. "Add comments" disppears only after a user log in.

Hopfully it will work in Drupal7


I think we will get this option in Drupal 7 and it will easy to us to add this function in our program.


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thanks for post.

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PHP currently does not have native support for Unicode or multibyte strings; Unicode support is under development for a future version of PHP and will allow strings as well as class, method, and function names to contain non-ASCII characters.

are you sure it is not in Drupal 6

hi jamy,

Are you sure this function is not in Drupal 6. I read about this function and i hope we can find it in drupal 6 too. I saw many site and this is one of them you can check this site too. May be you can get your problem solution here.



Why you need to remove this feature?



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Thank you very much for the information!

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