How to make Pull-down or Drop down menu for Wordpress 2.9

Once you have a drop down menu, you can use Wordpress as CMS to manage your websites. For small websites, wordpress 2.9 is the best choice.

Note: the plugin for drop-down menu has been removed, since it does not support new version of Wordpress (2.6+). I no longer use the plugin.

You can find more drop down menu themes at:

You may try this one:

And this one:

You may check Jillij theme designed special for pull-down menu. You can download it at:

Once you have drop down menu, you can use wordpress as CMS to manage your web contents. I use wordpress to manage a college web site:

My other wordpress sites for testing:

Interesting stuff. Now i

Interesting stuff. Now i think its a built in function of wordpress with respect to drop down menu.The themes have this function by default which are used to designed a website in wordpress or can be customized by wordpress developers Interesting historical data about WordPress The first version of WordPress was created in 2003. It is an offshoot of a completely different project, written by Matt Mullenweg, the programmer from Houston of Texas. Anyways, you have put a nice effort to make this content and share it with us, thanks for it.

What do you use now for the

What do you use now for the dropdown menu?



This plugin installs 18 lines in your database

I just tried to use this plugin. when i installed the plugin and tried to activate it triggered a fatal error. so i uninstalled all the files and the code i had inserted.

But it had left 6 new pages called Link sitemap on my site and 2 levels of strange-looking navigation. Then I went into my database and found that the program had left 16 files called webdezine in my wp_options and 2 files in my wp_postmeta.

this seems really problematic to me. luckily i THINK i cleaned out all traces and the site looks back to normal, with no drop-down!

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

can you help? I'm using version 2.6.1

Thanks for useful plugin.

Thanks for useful plugin. I`ve already install it in my blog...

Drop Down menu

Can you give me a more detailed instruction on how to have a drop down menu for wordpress 2.3.1? I am using Zeke 2-column theme. Webdezine_css_menu seems too complicated. Thanks in advance for your help.

Suckerfish Plugin

It seems we have both created a plugin to do the same task! I was sent a link to your page this afternoon via email from someone who was interested to know if my plugin could generate CSSPlay style dropdowns like yours can. The answer is no, as my plugin uses the Suckerfish approach to create the dropdown menu instead.

Suckerfish Dropdown WordPress Plugin Version 1.0.5 Stable
Suckerfish Dropdown WordPress Plugin Version 1.1 Beta

I've included a link to your plugin in my "other options" section along with the JQuery Dropdown Plugin. I've left a comment with a recommendation that your plugin may be more suitable for those who are wanting a dropdown menu which works in older versions of IE with Javascript off as my own plugin requires Javascript to be on for the dropdowns to work in very old browsers.

I plan to keep using the suckerfish approach as it creates a lot less markup and I find it less complicated than the CSSPlay type approach.

Good luck with developing your plugin :) If you make any modifications, feel free to leave a comment on my blog as some of my visitors may be interested (and me).