Shortcut key for "Inserting footnote" in libreoffice

In MS Word, there is a default shortcut key to insert footnote "Ctrl+Alt+F"

In Libreoffice 4, there is no default key for that, we need to create one.

How to create a customized shortcut for footnote:

1. Tools | Customize.
2. Keyboard tab.
3. In Shortcut window select keyboard shortcut combination, I use "Ctrl+Alt+F" and "ALT+F"
4. From Category window select Insert.
5. From Function window select Footnote/Endnote Directly.
6. Click on Modify button.
7. Click on OK button to close dialog.

Thanks for the information I

Thanks for the information I really needed a help on this and this thread really sort my problem. But I have another problem that I am using Libre Office in Ubuntu and not getting how to check duplicate value. It will be great if you will also provide more information on it.