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在Ubuntu中 解压 ZIP 或 RAR 文件時,乱码如何解决?

1. 安裝 unar
2. 在 terminal 中, 用:
unar file.zip

Install Ubuntu on Celeron (Apollo Lake) N3450 (UEFI Windows 10) Computer

Update, May 7, 2018:
Ubuntu 18.04 supports EFI boot for Intel Apollo Lake N3450.

=======OLD POST============

How to add a new disk to Ubuntu server (12.04) by using remote ssh

1. Physically install the hard disk.
2. use ssh log in
3. find out whether the disk is installed

sudo fdisk -l

4. find out the UUID of the disk

sudo blkid

How to use the left Winkey to input Romanized Sanskrit and Pali in Linux

Modified from this page

Test in US keyborad setting.

How to Play Different Audio Files in GoldenDict (Ubuntu and Mint)

If your GoldenDict does not play your dictionary audio files, you can try these two options:

1. Install VLC, and use this command (From Edit > Preferences > Audio > Use external program):

Howto Use HandBrakeCLI to Rotate a video

To rotate 90° (clockwise)
HandBrakeCLI -i source -o target.m4v --preset="Universal" --rotate="4"

To rotate 270°(anticlockwise)

Linux Mint 17 Mate edition is good for old computers

1. Download and install


2. After installing, one can replace the default menu with tradtional Gnome 2 menu bar (A Custom menu bar).

How to input Chinese Punctuation in fcitx Ubuntu 14.04 (fcitx的中文标点)

You can modify the configure file at:

搜狗拼音输入法还可通过输入 dian(选5)和jgh实现

Note on Lubuntu 14.04

If you have installed Lubuntu, then DO NOT install Chromium-browser and libreoffice from Ubuntu software repositories, but download the original packages from their websites.

Shortcut key for "Inserting footnote" in libreoffice

In MS Word, there is a default shortcut key to insert footnote "Ctrl+Alt+F"

In Libreoffice 4, there is no default key for that, we need to create one.

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